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Home Builders Security Program:  Security Systems Add Value And Marketability.       Protect Your Construction Sites Now To Increase And Secure Your Profits.

    Home Builders Security Program:  Reduce Costs, Add Value And Raise Profits With Security Systems


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Stout Security Solutions.
3840 NE 64th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97213

Honeywell Home Security System

Honeywell Home Security System To Protect Your Construction Site




  Home Builders Increase Profits By Adding Security

 Stout Security Solutions For Builders and Contractors

Home building is a highly competitive market with margins continually being squeezed.

New Home Construction Site Security Systems For Builders

Theft and vandalism on construction sites cost builders over a billion dollars a year.

Profits can be made or lost in upgrades added to new homes.

Our Builders Security Program gives builders the competitive edge to increase their profits.

Stout Security Solutions Builders Program

Home Builders can:

  • Decrease theft on construction sites

  • Save up to 10% on insurance rates

  • Decrease liability

  • Increase value and marketability of homes

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Increase profits made on each home

By partnering with Stout Security Solutions builders security program, new home builders have access to state of the art security and automation services that will strengthen your product offering as well as secure your construction site prior to the sale.

Our Builders Security Program Offers Builders:

  • Wholesale prices on security equipment

  • Security monitoring for construction site

  • On time installation guaranteed

  • In home education for home owners

  • Profit sharing on upgrades

  • Loyalty Rewards Program

  • Security Camera Systems

  • Smart wire installation

Home Security Systems Strengthen New Home Sales

"Selling a home is not about a house; it's about the experience," says Bob Schultz, president of New Home Specialists Inc.

Jane Meagher, president of Success Strategies adds, "Search for every opportunity to get buyers emotionally involved, and the sale will follow."

Whether you are a home builder or homeowner, technology affects your life everyday. Stout Security Solutions understands this and our goal is to make technology simple to understand and enhance your life and business by seamlessly integrating security, computer networking, and home entertainment in your homes.

Increase The Marketability Of Your New Homes With A Home Security System Through Our Builders Security Program

Studies show that security and home automation are at the top of the list of features new home buyers are most interested in!

A new  home that features a security system, 'smart wiring' or network wiring is perceived by purchasers as a 'modern home' and it gives them a both a rational and emotional reason to buy a new home..


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